Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Mustique? Mustique is 33 metres or about 110ft in overall length. Her draft is only 2.5 metres, or about 8ft, she can anchor very easily in most bays and rivers.

How many guests can she accommodate? The maximum number of guests who can be accommodated is 10 - 12.

Where can Mustique go? Mustique can go anywhere you like, including the Whitsundays, Lizard Island, and Ribbon Reef to name but a few.

Does Mustique have stabilisers? Do people become seasick? Yes, she does have stablisers and usually travels very smoothly. We find the weather changes quickly and most episodes of seasickness are short lived. If you know you’re susceptible to seasickness we have herbal and pharmaceutical remedies on board or you can bring your own.

What will the weather be like? During our expeditions, temperatures vary from 16 to 30 degrees C. Cairns can reach around 34 degrees in summer, but Mustique is fully air-conditioned.

What if we don’t wish to board from Cairns? Relocations for embarkation from a port other than Cairns are discussed on an individual basis, and depend on where Mustique is at the time.

Does Mustique welcome children? Yes, there are often children on board. Nevertheless, we would like the chance to discuss very young children being on board, as exploring toddlers often don’t suit being on a vessel at sea.

Can I smoke on board Mustique? Yes, but it is restricted to the outside decks (with full respect to the environment when disposing of butts). There is no smoking in the vessel’s interior.

Do I need shoes? On board, there’s a ‘no shoe’ policy, which everyone welcomes, however you will need suitable foot wear for exploring ashore whether it be beachcombing or bushwalking. Also it’s a good idea to bring some ‘wet landing’ shoes for when you disembark the tender in areas where there may be coral underfoot.

What should I bring to wear? Is there a dress code? Mustique’s itinerary follows a continual summer, so casual lightweight clothing is the norm. You set the standard…some guests choose to dress up a little for dinner, and others indulge in the freedom of just shorts and t-shirts. Consider bringing a spray jacket and clothing that can cover you from the Australian sun.

Is there a laundry service? We can offer some complimentary assistance with laundry and this can be discussed during finalising your program. Mustique’s laundry processes all the vessel’s towels and linen but we can and do help out as much as possible.

What if I have special dietary requirements? We will send you a comprehensive Preference Form well in advance, so our Chef can prepare and accommodate any of your needs and preferences.

Does every cabin have a private ensuite? Yes, each has an ensuite with full shower recesses. The Main Cabin also has a spa.

Will my mobile phone work? Do you really want it to?! Depending on where you join Mustique your mobile or cell phone will likely have signal only some of the time, and in the remote areas there is none. The ship’s satellite communications (phone and email) can be used in these instances but do incur costs per minute.

Can I log on to check my emails or use the internet? Within the Telstra reception area you will be able to check emails and the internet. We have a digital network and we also have wifi.

Are there movies to watch and is there a wide choice of CDs? Yes, and we have an excellent range of current movies on video and DVD you can watch on our 42 inch plasma screen. The CD range is also extensive, but you may like to bring your own favourites. There is also Scrabble, Chess, Monopoly, Pictionary and plenty more games if you have the time or motivation!

Should I bring my own books and magazines? We have an unusual collection of books, but consider bringing your current favourites. There are also current magazines on board and a collection of subscription back-issues.

Can I scuba dive if I am not a certified diver? Yes, providing you don’t have any restricting medical conditions, as you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire containing a Waiver and Release. Our dive instructor can then take you on a ‘Resort’ or hand-held dive. The amount of times you can dive depends on how many certified divers are in your party, and how many people wishing to do resort dives.

Should I bring my own snorkelling/diving gear? We have a complete range of equipment on board, yet there are limited sizes and its fine if you wish to bring your wetsuit and favourite mask and fins.